Greek Nature's Best

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Who we are

SITΩ is a modern company, based in Athens Greece, which provides traditional Greek food products of exceptional quality in the international market.
We are the quality control, marketing and sales department of a carefully selected group of small Greek food producers whom we share the values quality, sustainability and fair trade.

Our main products are Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Balsamic Vinegars, and Honeys. Our umbrella brand and marketing experience allows us to incorporate new products according to our partner’s needs and market trends.

Our philosophy
  • We offer the highest quality natural products. We have been traveling allover Greece; tasting and testing products from more than twenty regions to arrive in the choice of five distinctly different fertile regions of the country. Our standards are met by all our people from the fields to the mill with importance to freshness of the ingredients, safety of the process, nutritive value and taste as well as appearance of all of our bottles, jars and labels.
  • We Satisfy our resellers. We offer top quality service, we share our knowledge and support our resellers in all possible ways. Our customer service is available online 24/7, ready to answer your questions and support you in your needs. We consider you an equally important element in the chain of our business from picking and processing to displaying our products on your shelves.
  • We stand in integrity towards all who work with. Starting from production all the way to final distribution. Through the longevity of our collaborations we ensure the thriving of all parties involved.
  • We are committed to honesty, clarity and timelines, recognizing that these are the qualities that ensure long lasting relationships from the top executive level all the way to the individual consumer.
  • We seek to create transparency from “farm to fork” with respect to production, planning, sourcing, ingredients, product safety and efficacy in order to bring to market the safest highest quality products available.
  • We educate our consumers, in cooperation with our suppliers and resellers, to appreciate the outstanding quality and benefits of our products.
This puts Sito at the top of the food industry always inspiring us to create new, unique and innovative Natural products.
Our name

A synonym of Demeter, goddess of agriculture and fertility. Mother goddess of the Greek land, which throughout the centuries has been offering us the most valuable gift: its crops.